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Saturday, April 11, 2015

My London Journey in a Year.

First of all Hi there! So we all go through different years of experience while living in a new city but goddamn i never felt so emotionall unstable like i did while living in one of the busiest cities in the world aka London.

So here are 12 things  i've learned while living here for a full year:


The crazy amout you feel in the empty walls when you move in for the first time is insane! I felt like i was the only human left in this world and it kinda was like zombie apocalypse because while i didnt had a job and was waking up at normal 10am people were already out and about and not even a soul was on the street.


People just don't know how to realx in this city 100%, everyone is always rushing everywhere.
Feels like no one ever walks but runs all the time! Believe me it's tiring!


When you ask someone to ho out the first thing they say is "I'm working tomorrow all day, sorry!" and yeah believe me, if you have a day/night off with your buddies you're damn lucky!


Work, pay rent, pay bills, get wasted, Work.
Literally that is what i actually have done during the entire year, work to be able to pay my bills, once that is done i get pissed and celebrate before putting my ass up to work another month non stop. Crap life i gotta say dear people.


Work 70hours a week and then give me an answer... 👍


Once there is sun and it's warmish expect everyone in flipflops, tank tops and sit bake in the park while you walk fully dressed and still shaking because you are used to 20+ weather and not 10+ and flipflops.


Don't expect settle down in the first place, there is gonna be something that you gotta take your shit and run! I didn't want but had to move non stop, its exhausting bug you'll get used to get rid of clothes and not having your own furniture really quickly.


If you manage to find a cheap place(BAHAHAHAH...sorry) in central then you may just have to deal with that on daily basis but if you are like me and just moved to somewhere around then you know how you don't feel it going to far to go out, its takes tooooo long, its expensive and there is a chance if you stay to up to 1am you gotta go back on bus and thats Loooooong again. So why not just staying local, get pissed and go to bed to wake up for work next day. Good idea huh?

9. BREAK THEM BONES!!! Muahahahah

No mattet how careful you are, this ia the citu where you fill goddamn break a bone and belive me when i say this it's because i not only experienced breaking my ankle but because there is at least 20people doing that day to day. Get ready for that!


When someone comes to London is usually to follow their dreams, believe me to be able to do that you either need a classification where you will gain money in a week for an entire month or you just gotta live with 10 people in one place to be able to afford to follow your dreams.
My experience: Came here for modelling and being a make-up artist, but the only thing i've done was working non stop as a bartender and die in bed every night!


Follow them and get that book out of your bag becausr there is no signal for chatting with anyone, and don't try making friends in there, people just think you are crazy.


Seriously, £5 for a pint in Central while it's £2 in the South England or somwhere North, wtf im doung in London exactly? Kill me.

Well this is kinda something for you, i have more but i dont wanna ruin your journey here ✌️

xx A.T <3

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back to this world and ready to share my experiences!

Hello hello my dear people!

It's been long i bad!!!

I didn't really know what to talk about, but today woke up with a desire to share my experiences in life, well, it's not that i've lived a lot and stuff,  i'm only 21, but i've moved so much and had to adapt so much that sometimes it's a good idea to share with someone so they get more confident in their decisions, well you know, kinda help you out in your life if you are struggling in what to do a haha

Not that i do know what i'm doing with my life, but loads of you say that i look so decisive...naaaah i'm lost, in my own head, but i do every day try to find myself everywhere!

I'm kinda thinking that you may enjoy this, just to see a different perspective in life than your own!


So let's start with a lil introduction about my experience being Ukrainian born in Kiev and raised in Zaporojhe, later moving to countryside with my grandma because my mom started traveling around on a bus to raise money to feed me. It was hard not having my mom with me at that age, i was around 6 when she first went away for 3 years to travel on a bus around Russia selling furniture and stuff, later on she moved to Portugal, i was about 8 at that point and i do remember missing her  LOT, it's insane how many emotions went though my mind at that age.
A year later she made me a surprise and came for me to take with her to Portugal, it took us a couple weeks to sort out the documents, i remember that during that period of time we went to see my dad at the hospital so he could sign the papers for my authorization of getting out of the country, i haven't seen him ever in real life till that day. Yes my parents divorced when i was less than a year and he never made an effort of seeing me... not bothered, mom worked it out and has been both of the parents in one body!

But yeah, back to the hospital day, it was cold and wet outside, and i was standing at the entrance door for a good 5 minutes by myself, my mom stepped a lil bit away to give me space with my dad, but when he came out of the doors, his cheek was so swollen that i got scared and run behind my mom and screamed that i never ever want to see him again because he looks like a monster...later that day we went to eat chocolate and i forgot about the monster that i saw earlier.

Moving to Portugal was long, i don't remember why, but for some reason we couldn't go by plane, so we drove with a couple other people on a mini bus for 5 days from Kiev to Albufeira, it rained, it snowed, it was coooold like hell, we slept in strangers houses that were empty, we saw beautiful landscapes, dark scary nights, stars everywhere, well basically a lil bit of every thing on the way to our destination.
Forgot to mention that i had a lil rat in my bag, my companion in the journey, it was a pet, not just a random rat, it was jessy, white rat with red eyes that chewed on my zipper of my backpack and that walker round the minibus making friends with everyone and sitting on the drivers shoulder for hours.

When i finally arrived to portugal i couldn't understand that i was in a different country till a point that i started school and couldn't understand anything, took me 4 years to speak good Portuguese and be able to understand with no problems, sounds like ages but at that time it went flying like crazy.
I had first love first disappointment, first fights, first boyish hair cut, the first time inside an ocean in december days when it still was 25ºc and warm water. The beauty of a different country was so fascinating at that age that i totally forgot i was ever in Ukraine....'s all for now, i'll share more in the next post, hope you enjoyed this bit, i'm trying to show you guys that i'm also a human, i'm like you, like everyone else!

Have a fantastic day!
xx A.