Pink Peonie?!

I've been working hard on my upcoming jewelry shop of handmade pieces, some of them are one of a kind and others i have double or may repeat if so will be desired from someone.
So it's based on my love for crafting things and show them to the world!
I'm not sure if everyone is going to like the pieces i've created but in my opinion they are worth a try to be shown to you all.

So i'm still working on all that but i came up with the name for the store finally, wasn't really hard but i was having some trouble to think of one, and came up with Pink Peonie!
It's my favorite flower since ever and i decided to call my store like that so i feel even bigger connection with it, and i hope you like it.

For now i can only post some pictures to treat you:
 Natural Quartz for Necklace pieces
 Hand piece
 Necklace pieces

Going to keep working on this and soon i'll update you all again.

xx AT <3

Anastasiya Ty


  1. The crosses are amazing ;) let me know how to get one & how much they are! I am interested!

    1. They will be soon available on the store that is still in progress.

  2. Paula SprödefeldJuly 28, 2013 at 2:24 AM

    I can hardly wait to buy like all of the jewelry you´re making! All of them are so beautiful :)