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As many of you may know already, my fave online shop is!!!

You will probably ask me why, and yes i do have an answer for it,
they have everything you will ever want, they update their shop everyday with new stuff, so you always have something new to check out & get it.
The quality of the stuff is actually amazing and never disappointed me, same as the shipping & all that stuff, it's fast and really careful. 
And today i come here to show you some of the stuff i just ordered from the shop & can't wait to get it and review it for you all!

I have a big addiction for leggings and i couldn't resist on getting a new pair!

Price: 21.99$

I wanted a Denim Jumpsuit since the beginning of the summer but i couldn't find the right one, and then i saw this one being worn by some of the girls on LookBook & i loved how it looked so i decided to get one for myself!

Price: 25.99$


I needed a nice beige jumper for the upcoming autumn days, and i found this one that i liked because it's simple but original in it's way.

Price: 30.99$

Last but not least, i felt in love with this sunglasses so i couldn't not get them!
"Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle, in my eye"

Price: 15.65$

So yeah, this are my recent purchases from ROMWE!
Can't wait to get them & style!

xx A.T <3

Anastasiya Ty

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  1. Romwe is also my favourite online store, they have some awesome stuff and their items always come really well packaged, their costumer service is just perfect!
    I love those leggings, they're so rad! And I recently ordered those sunglasses too!

    Btw, I don't know if you're interested but I nominated you to the Liebster Award: