Benn away for a but now i'm finally back!
Recently i got this gorgeous neon shoes from & i have to say I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM!

I've never been a fanatic of neon colors but these shoes called my attention and i had to get them, they are SUPER confy & have an taller insole. That means instead of having just the 4cm platform you also get + 3.5cm of an inside sole. Now imagine, they don't look big or anything but with this shoes you grow 7.5cm. 
INSANE!!! And it doesn't even look like that.

I'm 1.72cm tall with this shoes i look gigantic! But i love it!
I will try to make a video review them for you guys if you want to :)

Now let's move to the awesome Daisy Jumper i'm wearing in this outfit, it's from and it's really comfortable & warm jumper ignoring the fact that is short cut. 
But wearing with hugh waisted shorts/jeans/leggings/skirts it look awesome!

In this case i styled it with a pair of high waisted leggings i got on ebay some months ago, i son't remember the seller but i'm pretty sure if you search for "hugh waisted leggings" you will find a TON of them.

I also got that Heart Jumper from ROMWE that i will style soon & an amazing Riot Grrrrl Sweater from DISTURBIA.


Anyway, hope you enjoyed this post more personal & more writing :)

Have a great day my dear friends!
xx A.T. <3

Anastasiya Ty


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  2. Alô! Adoro o blog, és linda, as tuas fotos são brutais, e à bastante tempo que sigo a tua página no facebook e coisas assim (sem parecer stalker ahah), não tiveste problema com os ténis? de eles ficarem presos em alfândega ou assim?