Back to blogging!

Hello there!!

Many time sorry for being soo absent and not posting anything lately!

As probably many of you already know, i've moved to London a month ago and currently living with my housemate Marly Suicide, we are enjoying our time in our new place, i will for sure make a flat tour once it's finished and all pretty, because for now we still have a LOT to do!

Anyway, i will start doing more youtube videos and stuff, because i enjoy doing that and as i still don't have a real job i still have time for this. Soooo yeah! Let's hope i can make some kewl vids for your enjoyment!

Tomorrow i'm going to Camden to meet up with one my friend and she will help me do a Outfit video, i'm making some outfits right now for tomorrow and hope you will like them.
Also got an amazing package today from Burning Artists Collective with ton of leggings and a dress, and planning on making a video about them this week!

About everything else, no more news!

Byeeeeee <3

Anastasiya Ty

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