Hello there my dear readers!

So as i'm currently immobile i have all the time in the world to invest in blogging and maybe more youtube videos soon, and to start that i prepared this post about
It's an LA based company, where you can find clothing brands inspired by 90's grunge, goth, punk and rave! They scout for vintage pieces everywhere, they deliver you quality and stand out pieces.

I got 3 tops from the company a while ago, didn't had time to talk about earlier it but now i do and i will be real because after wearing the stuff for a while it's easier to talk about it than at first glance :) 

They all are printed on American Apparel base, amazing quality i should say!!! The prints are really good and last a good amount of time, since i got them, washed them various times, wore a LOT, and everything feels like new till now! Because you know, there are poor quality printings in some brands that make everything just not worth the money, but this company is worth every penny!

 Their Links:

Follow on twitter: @skinnybapparel
Instagram: @skinnybitchapparel

I promise posting at least 3 times a week, maybe even more if i'll find what to talk about :)

xx A.T <3

Anastasiya Ty